Take a breath and check out the Self-Care Sale

Posted by Arlissa Whisenant on

News have you stressed? We understand, so we're offering this weekend only a 25% off sale on all candles and bath products. We have dozens of products on sale - there's a scent here for everyone! And the prices are incredible. A Magnolia Blossom candle is now only $4.50 😍 and a Blood Orange shower fizzer is just 2.25 🙌

We didn't want to leave out the kids, so we went ahead and discounted children's bath products as well. These hooded bath towels are way too cute!

(P.S. if you think you're not stressed take a second to relax your jaw and let your shoulders fall. That difference? That difference is why you need a $2.25 wax melt 😂)

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